We are a full service Pool & Spa company.

We are here before and after the sale. Let us help you maintain your investment.  With our many services that we offer, we can help a little or help a lot.  Just call and see what Turner’s Pool & Spa can do for you.

Pool Openings

Summer is here again!  Yes, time to open the pool!  Let us help you get your summer off to a great start!

Pool Closings

Summer is coming to a close.  And it is time to make sure your pool is properly closed for the season.  We can help.

Pool Cleanings

Life can get crazy!  And the time just isn’t there.  Don’t spend your spare time cleaning your pool, when you could be playing in it.  Let us help!

Sand Changes

Keeping your filter kept up, will allow it to last for a very long time.  Let us change out the sand for you.  We do that!

Pool Maintenance Contracts

Having a Pool Maintenance Contract with Turner’s is the best way to save money, time and get the most enjoyment out of your investment!

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Is it time to replace the vinyl in your pool?  Let us do this for you.  We have experienced and trained staff to make sure you are getting the best service!

Pump and Motor Repair

You may not need a new pump or motor.  Call us and let us see if we can repair it for you.

Filter Replacement or Repair

Having issue with your filter system?  Give Turner’s Pool & Spa a call.  Let our trained repair specialists help.

Hot Tub & Spa Repairs

Is your Spa or Hot Tub in need of repairs.  Turner’s Pool & Spa does that too!  Call today!

Chemicals and Supplies for Pools & Spas

Making sure you are using the correct chemicals for your water is important.  We can help.  Come in today and talk with one of our pool & spa experts to help you in maintaining your pool or spa.

Pool Renovation & Repairs

Is your swimming pool in need of repairs?  Or maybe a full renovation of a worn out in-ground pool.  Turner’s Pool & Spa does that too!  Call today!